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Our company is expanding and we are looking for the BEST collectors in the area for our growing business!!!  If you have a great work ethic, positive attitude, and excellent communication skills we would love the opportunity to talk to you today!

We are searching for individuals that are dedicated to providing excellent customer service, have impeccable interpersonal skills and who are professional in all of their communications. This is a position that gives collectors whom have felt underappreciated for their efforts, an opportunity to truly create their own paycheck.

The jobs available for top performers include positions with future leadership opportunity. Though not all top performers seek management roles, we are looking for individuals who wish to perform and for those who wish to lead and perform. We intend to open an additional two offices in the Atlanta area so a strong skill set is important to us! Currently we have offices in Minnesota and Atlanta. Additionally we plan to open offices in Boca Raton, Seattle and New York City in time and we will need candidates that may be interested in helping with this task. Although it is certainly not a requirement, please indicate in your response if you are or are not interested in leadership opportunities.


    • Paid Weekly
    • Innovative Dialer that keeps you in contact with debtors
    • Right Party transfers (augmenting collector work)
    • Opportunity for advancement
    • Paid a percentage of every single dollar collected-UNCAPPED
    • Daily/Monthly Incentives are offered to maximize your earning potential
    • Huge inventory of all types of recently charged off debt that consists of large chain retail stores, student loans, bail bonds, credit cards, furniture and more!


    • Must be able to commute into our office for site visits
    • Must be committed to working a 40 hr week
    • Bilingual is definitely a plus
    • Must have 3+ years of experience in third party collections
    • If you feel like you would be a good fit at DRS, please respond via e-mail. if your qualifications match what we are looking for, we will contact you to schedule an interview.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $50,000.00 to $100,000.00 /year

See below for a letter from the owner:

A letter from the owner:

This is a opportunity for top performers to consider for many reasons! Let me go over briefly what sets us apart.

We are a “YES” company:

When it comes to ideas and intelligence, no one person can achieve what an intelligent group can do together. We know that out of every 10 ideas we try, 3 may be good and one may be a game changer. This is why, if you have an idea, it will be considered and tried and that quickly. We are a small company and we make changes and decisions very fast – allowing us to get through the 1000 ideas we need to try to find the 10 game changers (and the 300 good ones). Use your mind here!

Aggressively, Relentlessly Innovative:

Many ideas have already been tested and our methodology is based on innovation. Our big picture is different and we explore corners, we do not cut them. I can comfortably say that most of the things we do might seem to industry professionals as counter intuitive or even absurd. But we do the things we do because they provide for what we need to achieve. Our goals are as follows, in order of importance:

    • Provide a Financial and Cultural Environment that Attracts and Keeps the Best People.
      Without a great staff there is no company, all other points are mute. I need to sleep at night and that means making sure the opportunity is there for a consistent income and that we improve, constantly making a better and more lucrative environment. A lot of things change when this perspective makes the decisions.
    • Liquidate Better than our Peers:
      We serve large national clients. Our competition is good. Still we outperform our competitors by consistently making decisions that benefit our clients before ourselves. For this reason our client base has expanded through word of mouth (we have yet to market… plans for marketing are expected to be launched by February of next year). We have more business than we can handle (even if we doubled our staff – which we will not do).
    • Make a Profit, Use it to Investigate Betterment:
      A great portion of revenue go to making things better. Until we run out of ways how, which is unlikely to happen. The goal is to gain a lead over competition that is so great we can afford to sacrifice some of our lead to gain efficiency and a more sophisticated process.

Ability for Performers to Earn a Higher Income:

At most agencies the top half of the collectors and performers do not get what they are worth. Why? Because their wages go to support the bottom half. We do not operate this way. Because the pay is commission based collectors are able to take home a much larger portion of what they earn for the company! What about the bottom half? Well they are certainly not comfortable working commission only so it has been a natural filter that has given us a truly phenomenal staff. Lets talk about the unintended consequences of this model.

    • We can do campaigns that other agencies cannot:
      Because our staff is skilled, my job becomes getting the consumer on the phone, I know my staff will collect. This means I can run campaigns that would bankrupt an agency that does not have a phenomenally skilled staff, they would not be able to clear enough to support the process because half of the staff would waste the opportunity.
    • We are all on the same page:
      I never have to worry… is so and so working? Are we wasting hourly pay? Why is so and so here? With commission only these points our mute and we are truly a team working together. Everything that benefits my staff benefits the company. Everything that hurts my staff, hurts the company. Micromanagement? No thank you!
    • Natural Filter:
      Those who will not be performers, do not take the job! Those who are in the to half do and do well.
    • No Cap on Pay:
      I have people who have taken home over 5K a week. Many who have done over 4K. Regularly over 2K. I think, wow, that is a lot of money we are paying so and so… then I think, yes, because they are top performers and took all the risk, allowing the pay scale to exist. Can we get better… in about a million ways. I want all goals broken and expectations reset.
    • Some People do not work as much:
      We are not a sweat shop – but still I fine some excellent collectors become comfortable around the 600-800 mark and begin to work a fraction of a week. Accountability is important. Please, if that is enough for you, rethink it, life is not directly proportional to money, but I really need everyone working full time. Do not slack off because it is enough for you. Still not sure how to fix this one….

Potential for Advancement:

It turns out that as we grow the potential of our systems, clients, and methodologies increase exponentially. We need to grow to do the cool things we want to do. That means promoting from within and seeking good leaders, this is new, before we were looking for performers. Not all performers make the best leaders. To do what we need to do I need 9 leaders in Atlanta, to promote to new offices, then another 12-16 willing to travel to help start new offices in key sites in the nation (I want to take advantage of talent in New York, Seattle, Boca Raton, and San Francisco first). We do have 3 sites already but our trajectory will need to accommodate more to really capitalize on the skill set of the local talent for what I call “organic growth” which means, you go where the collectors are good. That is why we are in Atlanta, that is why we are seeking leaders in Atlanta. I want 3 sites in Atlanta to develop, time frame? Depends on leadership. We are ready now… but we do not have the leaders we need to make the jump.

Corporate Culture – A Voice:

If it is not clear by now I like to use the voice and analysis of our team to explore new ideas and find game changers. I believe a company is a group of people working together and that is the identity of the company. I see myself as a facilitator of work. Research and Development are my favorite. I need good team members for this. Also, I am not good at management as I do not like to be managed. I know some people may need management – but I prefer to hire those that do not and to develop peers. Coming from a background in collaborative scientific research (I have a PhD in neuroscience and physiology) collaboration with my staff appeals much more than any other model. I want people with a voice! I want to listen and work together. Some things organically form with the right people, as talents and ideas emerge.

Profit Sharing:

20% of company profit goes to the staff for Jan-Nov to be paid in December. (this is NOT commission). We are a young company so this has not been a big deal. I expect it will be in time, at least there should be something this year! If this happens it means I get paid too! As of yet a good portion of the staff make more than I do, and I am cool with that because of the gains we have made. Still it would be nice to get paid one day, and if I do, you do too!

Redefining the Industry:

Our innovation and experimental techniques have been noticed. We are currently partnering with industry leaders (Vendors and Clients) as we help to do a deep dive into the processes they use. We have had large International dialers make process for us that did not previously exist, we have paid for custom programming and integration between vendors, and we are developing a whole different way of doing analytics (5 year project just to start) that I am so excited about I can barely contain myself. This will look into emergent patterns! We share this knowledge and data to make the whole industry better – that is the right way to do it. Besides, no one can compete with us anyway so no harm done! High water raises all boats!

Flexible Scheduling and Remote Opportunities:

We require a 40 hour/week commitment and we do allow collectors to work from home. This gives a great deal of flexibility to our staff.

This is lengthy but maybe a peak into why DRS is the best and will be better.  Join us on our adventure!

Job Detail
  • Offered Salary$30,000 - $50,000
  • Career LevelOthers
  • ExperienceLess than 1 Year
  • INDUSTRYFinance
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