JOIN TODAY! Is Looking For Success Stories

Hello SOHO'ers!
As you are probably discovering, the new website is very different from not only our old site but also most other work at home websites online. You are now able to set up a profile, create a list of your "favorite" jobs and even friend request other SOHOjobs members and employers for networking purposes (or just plain, good old fashioned friendship!) 
Another new feature that we will be adding soon is our SOHO Success Stories. We would like to highlight our members who have found success using our website or services. If you have a blog, freelance website or home based business, this would be a great way to promote yourself as we will include a link and any other contact information you prefer. 
We are looking for specific stories about how you used our service to find a job, what type of position you landed, what the application and interview process was like and what sort of work you do. We are particularly interested in how using our new website and services led to a great job. 
If you would like to have your story featured, please send it to my SOHO inbox or wall or forward it to (Don't forget to include the URL of your blog, resume or business website so I can include a link).
I can't wait to read your feedback!
Michelle - Team SOHO