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Success Stories

SOHO'er for 25 days... got 3 JOBS!

"JOB #1:  I got a call from Nimbus Communications today to start training on Monday (Oct 20). I'm excited about being paid hourly AND earning commissions. Guess what SOHO'ers...I also get health/vision/dental benefits in 90 days! BTW, this is a full-time position.

JOB #2:  I will be a Quality Rater part-time earning $15/hr. I just finished my contracts and I'm excited about my upcoming first assignment.

JOB #3:  The Benefits Health Group hired me as a health insurance agent. I'm able to offer health coverage through a well-known "A" rated carrier to people wanting cheaper but quality health/dental/vision coverage. I'll be able to sign-in anytime to take calls. Of course, this is a commission based job, but hey...I'm bound to get a few sales a week...meaning I'll make $500 per sell!

I wanted to give encouragement to other SOHO'ers who are losing hope in getting a job or two or I've been a member for only 25 days and went through all the Monday job posts going back as far as August. I've applied to approximately 15 jobs, received 5 callbacks, and got 4 emails from recruiters within the past weeks. Finally, something fell through. Stay focus my fellow SOHO'ers!

And of course, a special shout out goes to Michelle...whoop...whoop!" - Fran T.

Same Day Work-At-Home Job
"Put in my application with [company] (Transcribing Service) on Sunday, November 2, received an Email from them the same day with an offer of a position.  I responded back to them in the affirmative and they sent me an Independant Contrator Aggreement and a W-9. I completed those and returned them to them by email.

On Monday I did my first test for them and on Monday afternoon I was doing my first job. Since then this week I have been assigned several jobs and I am just loving it.

Never thought it would be this easy.  [company] was the first company that I applied with and was hired right away.

This is great.

Thank You SoHo"