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Most job seekers have discovered that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were not designed to be used by hiring employers. And websites like Monster and Careerbuilder, that still use obsolete and scam ridden job databases, have fallen behind on the social networking trend. Worst yet are the plethora of work at home websites that do little more than promote scams and flash advertisements at job seekers. Luckily, has come up with a much more interactive and innovative way of connecting hiring employers with job seekers who are looking to work or telecommute from home. is the Internet's first social network dedicated to creating opportunities for businesses to connect with eager and qualified job seekers by allowing them to engage in a social, Facebook-like setting so that hiring managers have the opportunity to get to know the candidates they are considering for employment. And job seekers get the professional and expert help and assistance they need to better understand the virtual workplace so that they can finally land a real job., the longest running work at home web site online (in business since 1997), recently underwent a substantial reorganization and redesign to create a platform where job seekers could break away from the old way of job searching. Using social media marketing and networking, SOHOjobs members can now interact directly with each other, the Team SOHO career specialists and hiring employers, using tools similar to Facebook and LInkedIn. Besides verified and legitimate work at home job listings, SOHOjobs members can also blog, comment, participate in events, post on their "SOHO Wall" and become friends with other members.

SOHOjobs leverages the advantages of social media, namely creating a channel for real-time communication amongst businesses and job seekers, and in addition, allows companies to post all of their jobs and projects (for free) to the members only database. The benefits to employers are endless. Not only can they post an unlimited number of jobs for free, but they can also browse job seeker profiles and communicate directly with candidates in a private setting. Upgraded employers can advertise, create blogs and more.

The objective, according to Michelle Peterson, senior editor of since 1999, is to “create an online community for businesses to get to know the job seekers they are considering hiring while simultaneously giving those looking for a job the ability to easily locate legitimate opportunities within a secure system. Job seekers (we call them SOHO'ers) can become ‘friends' with hiring managers, recruiters, industry experts, educators, team SOHO staff members and other job seekers, and even create blogs and events to attract employers to their profile.”'s philosophy is more of an evolution than a revolution. Both job seekers and telecommuting businesses have been looking for a website like this for many years. The basic idea is to digitize the real world marketplace and let job seekers share and network online on a social platform. Today, companies pay thousands, and in many cases, millions of dollars for advertising;  SOHOjobs offers these services for free, giving them a competitive advantage over traditional employment websites.

There are unique benefits for job seekers too. Those interested in working from home need a real-time medium to facilitate getting hired. While there are numerous free work at home websites online, most are not updated, filled with scams and offer little or no communication opportunities. "There is nobody to talk to. Nobody to help you. Nobody there when you have a question or need help" said Christie Bradford, SOHOjobs member since 2008, when referring to the many free work at home job sites on the Internet. "It's like you just go to the site, apply for jobs but never hear anything. Sometimes you don't even know if the jobs are real. takes away the doubt by giving job seekers the ability to interact in real time. You can get immediate help and answers to your questions, and I really like that," said Bradford. Christie has landed multiple jobs thanks to SOHOjobs including a recent virtual data entry/customer service job paying more than she was earning working outside of her home. "It works for me and I feel like I've really gained from the friends and connections I've met thanks to"




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