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SOHO questions, SOHO answers featuring Michelle Peterson, SOHOJOBS Editor and Director



Dear Michelle, Is it true you have real data entry jobs from home?

Kaylie Jarrell, North Carolina




Yes, it's true. You see... as the editor of this website for nearly 15 years I can tell you there is one thing I do not tolerate and that is scams. Yucky, stinky, awful ole scams have no place here at SOHOjobs. So, we don't list them. It's that simple.

Now, you should know - this takes some effort on our parts. The scammers are pretty tricky so they are always trying to sneak their way in. But we pretty much always stop them. We do this by checking every job that is posted here. I apply to the job just like you would and then wait and see what happens. If I get an email box filled with junk or a request for money or some other such thing, I don't allow the job to be posted. Yea... some of those other work at home websites who claim to have thousands of work at home jobs... well, most of them are scams.

We have fewer jobs - but they are real. You can count on it.

Now, back to your question about data entry jobs. Yes, we have real data entry jobs. And typing. And clerical office. And administration. And customer service. And reservations. And every other sort of job. We don't have "thousands", but we do have a variety, and the list changes daily.

These jobs fill quickly and are highly competitive. Not everyone can get one. But, you can certainly try. And keep trying as i continue to find you new listings.

All of the jobs we have here at SOHOjobs are QUALITY! So, check them out. Check them ALL out, and let me know how it works out for you. I love to hear success stories - and most of them here at SOHOjobs are just that... SUCCESS stories!





Entering is very easy. Simply leave a comment on the blog post HERE. You must be a REGISTERED SOHOJOBS USER but you do not need to be a paid member to win. If you are a paid member, your contribution will count TWICE, so you do have a slightly better chance of winning. (Again, my way of saying thanks to you - my very special SOHO'ers and friends.)


Anyway, the drawing will be held in November so we can make sure you get your new computer before the Christmas holidays. I can't wait! Me personally - I've never won a thing so I hope some of you have better luck than me.


If you are not a registered SOHOjobs user, You can join for free here. Once you register you will be able to leave your comment and be entered to win. If you are thinking about joing SOHOjobs, we are still offering the special LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for only $19.95. (Regular price is $99.95 so this is a great, limited time deal).

Happy SOHO'ing,


Team SOHO Senior Editor Extraordinaire




Michelle Malone Peterson is a graduate of New York University and is recognized as a leader in the home based job industry. She is a seasoned Career counselor, Writer, marketing specialist and SENIOR EDITOR EXTRAORDINAIRE of - she has enjoyed nearly 20 years of helping others land real work at home jobs. 











Convergys Corporation (NYSE: CVG) is a global leader in customer management. Convergys is a BPO providing "business process outsourcing" for the call center industry included agent assisted communication. Nationwide immediate hire opportunities are available now! 


Currently hiring HOME AGENTS. Learn More.






 SOHO, SOHO, It's off to work we go...


Hotel Customer Service                                

Apply Here

$9.50/$9.75 per hour, flexible schedule.

Process all reservation requests, changes, and cancellations received by phone, fax, or mail. Identify guest reservation needs and determine appropriate room type. Verify availability of room type and rate. Explain guarantee, special rate, and cancellation policies to callers.


Home Shopping Representatives                                           

Apply Here  

To $10.00 per hour, full or part time


Make someone's day everyday!  Assist HSN customers by completing exciting sales transactions, educating customers about HSN products and making people happy.  All sales calls are in-bound. No telemarketing! 

• This position pays $10.00 per hour plus incentives

• Paid Training

• Various shifts are available

• Benefits start the 1st of the month following your hire date



Virtual Reservations Representatives                        

Apply Here 

$10.50 per hour

  • What we are looking for: Passion to service our guests, Professional and delightful phone manner, Minimum high school or equivalent, Working knowledge of computers and the internet, which includes but not limited to Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, comfortable toggling between programs.




Apply Here 

$12.00 per hour


Experienced transcriber for a 100% work at home opportunity.  Must have experience transcribing focus groups and market research interviews.  Research topics range from Medical (pharmaceutical, physician, patient conditions, etc.) to Consumer products and experiences, as well as Business to Business. Medical transcription certification is extremely helpful (but not necessary), as many of our research studies include medical subject matter consisting of complicated/skilled terminology and details.



Inbound Customer Service Reps                               

Apply Here 

$10.00 per hour

Required Skills; Greet customers with a courteous, friendly and professional manner, Be able to listen to the customer needs and demonstrate empathy, Enjoy communicating virtually with your coworkers, Good Communication skills – Written and Oral, Passionate about technology



SOHOJOBS Has Many More Great Work At Home Jobs

Updated daily, verified work at home, posted just for our members!

Interested in online customer service? Maybe you'd like to land a sought-after virtual assistant, Internet researcher, Online Moderator or home based administrative job? SOHOjobs lists only the best work at home opportunities. All fresh, updated and verified. 


Browse More Jobs Here


 Want full access to apply and be hire?  Learn More





Approved advertisers 


Virtual Assistants $13/hr and up

Hundreds of virtual assistant short term projects in a variety of fields. No fees!



Work At Home Jobs






Hot Off The Press

 New jobs posted today! 


See Michelle's Top Job Picks Here


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I recently received some really nice emails and inbox messages from members thanking me for helping them find work from home. You guys are the best!

But it got me to thinking... what else can we do here at SOHOjobs to help you? I mean, if you had to narrow it down to just one thing... what would you most like help with? I sent this question out to our active members today and, so far, the response has been an overwhelming...

"We want more data entry and clerical jobs!"

I can't say I blame you. Data entry, typing and clerical work at home jobs are usually associated with the biggest scams on the Internet. Unfortunately, many of you have been the victim of these scams before you arrived safely at the virtual doorsteps of

I started digging around to see what I could come up with for you. I called up a few of my reliable contacts, business owners and hiring managers. I sent some emails. I Skyped. I texted. One guy I even flagged down in the parking lot of the post office. The result has been a very nice collection of REAL work at home data entry and clerical jobs. And when I say REAL... I mean really REAL. No fees or investments or kits or whatever. 

I must say - I am pretty proud of myself because these gigs are not easy to come by. Most employers are usually tight-lipped about home based data entry jobs because they can't deal with the five million applicants they will receive if they post the job online. This is one of the benefits of SOHOjobs. Since jobs are only made available to our members, hiring employers are more likely to share. 

And... our members are awesome, by the way. That helps too.

So, if you are a current SOHOjobs member - please keep an eye on the site as I am just now beginning to get these new, most triumpant work at home data entry jobs posted for you. (And... only for you). 




Not a member? THEN JOIN US! We always save room for a few new friends! If you are interested in trying it out, I am currently offering a FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP upgrade to anyone who signs up for the 1 Month Plan ($19.95). 

Michelle Malone Peterson / TEAM SOHO


Posted: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ] has been online since 1998 and has undergone many changes as we have grown. In 2008 we realized it was time to make a substantial upgrade to the site. We decided on DesignB Studios a small firm out of Loudoun County Virginia ( owned and operated by Brian Reynolds. This was our mistake.

This atrocious ordeal with DesignBStudios was filled with lack of skill, incompetence, mismanagement and complete insolence on the part of the design firm. This nightmare with Design B Studios dragged out well over a year. The result was a broken, unfinished site that was never delivered despite a price tag well over $30.000 (paid in full by us, by the way). When we demanded the unfinished site after paying the final payment as per the contract, DesignB Studios attempted to extort additional funds from us, refusing to turn over the site unless we paid. 

Moreover, DesignB Studios obtained a misspelled version of the SOHOjobs URL with the hopes of benefiting from our brand. This form of typosquatting is highly unethical, especially when the squatter is a paid contractor. DesignB Studios not only registered the domain name in bad faith, but then put advertising and affiliate links attempting to profit from our traffic while also driving click-thrus to our competition.

Once they discovered that we were on to them, they quickly attempted to cover their tracks by changing the content of the typosquatted URL and then setting robots to HIDE the archive of the old page. Luckily we have a page shot and will be posting this online for you to see very soon.

We've read other posts which can be found online by searching for "DesignB Studios" that would lead us to believe that we may not be the only company that has encountered these problems with DesignBStudios.  At this time, we cannot attest to the factual nature of these posts as we are still attempting to locate and talk to these individuals. As a result, we can only tell you what we have discovered online from our own research. We encourage you to do your own research as well. Had we only discovered these posts online before we contracted with Design B Studios we surely would not have found ourselves in this situation.

In the end, and for more than $30,000, all we ever received from DesignB Studios was long, irrational and babbling letters from Mr Reynolds about the various reasons why he was unable or unwilling to deliver the completed project, or why he thought he was entitled to even MORE money!  This is now simply a matter for the courts to work out (and from the looks of the Loudoun County courts website, Mr Reynolds is no stranger to them!)

What is typo-squatting

Typo-squatting refers to the practice of registering domain names that are typos of their target domains, which usually host websites with significant traffic.

From the business perspective, many of the typo-squatting cases involve bad-faith domain registrations or trademark violations. Worse yet, it is not uncommon to see a typo domain displaying ads from competitors of the target-domain owner or even negative ads against the owner.

Source: Strider Typo-Patrol: Discovery and Analysis of Systematic Typo-squatting, Yi-Min Wang, Doug Beck, Jeffrey Wang, Chad Verbowski, and Brad Daniels, Microsoft Research, 2006


To this day, Brian Reynolds and Design B Studios still uses the SOHOjobs images in their portfolio. Luckly, we receive emails from their potential customers who are interested in our experience with them. We are happy to give our honest opinion!
Email Us ( for more details.
Many of our SOHO'ers ask for our advice on a web design and hosting firm for their home business. We recommend 1&1 MyWebsitealt - this is a very affordable option (hosting for many plans is under $10 per month.) You can choose a professional template FOR FREE and easily customize it to fit your business or home office needs. Save yourself $30,000 and go with 1&1 MyWebsitealt instead! 
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Yes, I know - It is only Tuesday but it has already been a crazy week. Personally, I always consider it pretty exciting when an employer calls me up and wants to list legitimate data entry and clerical jobs just for our members! That is what happened yesterday, and I already know of at least three SOHO'ers who are already well on their way to a great work at home job!

Of course, I am not surprised. Employers are learning what I've already known for 15 years - SOHO'ers are the best. Hands down. Hiring managers know that we've been online since <gasp!> the 90's. When they are looking for a SOHO'er, they always come to us first.

So, while I am trying to get all these new listings approved in on their way to our members inboxes - I thought I would share a few other excellent work at home opportunities with you. If you get a chance, check out the jobs I've included below, and then login to access to the really good stuff in your "MY SOHO" folder.

Good luck!

Michelle Malone Peterson / SOHOjobs Mod


Not a member? SIGN UP HERE!


Jobs posted today:














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VOT Certified Virtual Assistant


Corporate Overview

VOT (Virtual Office Temps) is a staffing and recruiting firm. Projects come to us from employers in need, we send Virtual Assistants to them to complete those projects. We've been in operation since 1998. In fact, we were one of the first virtual assistant staffing organizations online! We've built a fine reputation and our virtual assistants have completed thousands of jobs and projects. VOT is a FREE service to job seekers.

This is a SOHOjobs VERIFIED EMPLOYER offering excellent opportunities to work from home. 




Corporate Facts

  • Founded: 1998
  • Headquarters: California USA
  • Employees: 500,000+ virtual assistants
  • Managing Partner: Mary Younggren



Work At Home Opportunities



Administrative and Clerical Positions

  • General clerical work, administration, office management, executive assisting, virtual assistants and more



Customer Service Associate Positions

  • Handles Inbound Calls, work with customers, Resolves customer issues, telephone work, online chat, etc


Data Entry and Word Processing

  • Data entry and transcription processing, typing, word processing, document prep, keying, and more


Virtual Assistants

  • Numerous opportunities in a variety of clerical, research, office support, editing and customer service areas. 


Travel Industry

  • Data entry and transcription processing, typing, word processing, document prep, keying, and more



Medical Transcription

  • Medical transcription opportunities to work from home



Internet and Online Jobs

  • Chat and message board moderation, mobile customer service, community representatives, message posters, etc



Hundreds of virtual assistant jobs and projects are available for VOT registered users. Registration is free. There are no fees to apply, be hired, access training or receive certifications!

See more jobs here 




Virtual Assistant Certification and Testing


Show that you are a virtual professional.

VOT works with top employers, recruiters, career counselors and educational institutions to develop training and testing programs that will provide you with skills and knowledge to help you qualify for top virtual career fields. You can complete as many certifications as you wish and will earn an official VOT badge for each successful completion. Be sure to share the badges on your Virtual Assistant website, in your email signature file, on your resume and other career documents. Certification is free and is NOT required to apply or be hired.

For each certification test you complete you will earn a badge to show off your skills. You can complete the training at your own pace. Successful virtual assistants have found that this dramatically increases the number of interview requests and job offers that they receive.


Click here to learn more about getting certified! (Some programs may still be under construction. Continue to check with us for updates!)




Virtual Assistant 7 Day Bootcamp



The VOT Bootcamp program is designed to kickstart your virtual assistant career by helping you learn the basics that will get you hired.

Free 7 Day Email Program For Registered Users

This free course will provide all the industry secrets that will help you get started as a virtual assistant. These strategies will show you how to find a legitimate home based VA job and beat out the competition to get hired. There is no fee! Upon completion of the program you will earn an official VA Badge that you may display on your resume or website.

You will earn your first VOT Badge if you successfully complete the program.





For more information about working from home for this employer, login to your SOHOjobs account. SOHOjobs members have access to the latest remote job announcements and networking opportunities. Connect with employers and other SOHO'ers, post your blog or resume, get help and advice and much more. Learn About Our Special Offers!


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Work At Home