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 As you probably know, we take scams pretty seriously around here. So, when a member attempts to take advantage of our SOHO'ers we crack down hard. Such is the case of a recent email you might have recieved from "Haskins Inc" aka "The RealThing Company" aka "FreshStart" aka A BIG SCAM! 

Let this be a notice to any other scammers out there who might think it would be fun to join SOHOjobs and then attempt to scam our members. THEY WILL REPORT YOU and then we will PUBLISH your email address and your scam HERE for all the world to see. We also will keep the scammers IP, email and other personal info on file and report the violation to all proper authorties. 

This scam is widely published on sites such as Craigslist and free work at home job websites.

This is a classic counterfeit check depositing scam. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. No legit employer will ask you to deposit checks in your bank account. EVER.  If you get a message requesting that you deposit funds or send money orders CONACT SOHOJOBS so that we can report them to the authorities. 


See "F" Rating With Better Business Bureau HERE


The scammers also use the name, ROCHE INC and HASKINS INC

They will usually contact you via email spam and have you go through an online interview process. Then they will send you a "Start Up Check" so that you can purchase a laptop. THE CHECK IS COUNTERFEIT! It will bounce, so don't deposit it. They will tell you that you must send a moneygram for $300 or more to get started. 


This scammer has used all of these email addresses (but has hundreds of others so beware!)



Scammers provided this contact information:  

256 606 8518



910 5th Ave SW

Decatur, AL 35601-2964


Here is a copy of the scam: 

Dear applicant, 

The Hiring Desk of The Real Thing Company  This is a Receptionist/Medical data entry/administrative position/payroll/office manager/accounting officer, Working hours are from 8am-3pm, Monday-Friday. The starting pay is $29.7 per hr for this data entry/administrative position, you are also expected to come online through Yahoo Messenger during working hours. 

This is strictly an online and work from home job the working hours are flexible and you can chose to work from anywhere of your choice, 
There are two schedules for work in which one of them must be devoted..part time and full time...Both schedules are from Mon- Fri...full time is 8am-5pm while part time is 9am-2pm. Note that there is a one week paid training for the job.. 

I want you to setup a yahoo messenger and if you got one already use it, add Ms Veronica Parker the Hiring Manager and IM her on this ID ( ) asap for your job briefing and interview.This is our first step to proceed further. she will be online waiting for you.And also send a copy of your resume to {}..Interview time 8am to 4pm 

Best regards 
Recruitment Office 


Transcript of fake "job interview" with scammer:

...(11/18/11 12:16:07 PM) : Good afternoon,

...(11/18/11 12:16:38 PM) : I received an interview request from Mary Elliott and was wondering if now would be a convenient time for you.

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:17:46 PM) : I am Ms ... the hiring manager of Roche INC, and i am here to brief you more about this job and the interview.

...(11/18/11 12:18:56 PM) : Great, I'm excited to hear more about it.

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:24:16 PM) : Before we proceed, i would like you to learn more about the company on our website i need you to go throught it right now and get back to me ASAP so that we can proceed.

...(11/18/11 12:24:49 PM) : Certainly. Is there anything in particular I should be focusing on?

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:26:40 PM) : No

...(11/18/11 12:32:00 PM) : I've taken a look at the website and the company information.

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:32:35 PM) : Whats your full name,sex,and where are you located?

...(11/18/11 12:33:03 PM) : My name is ..., I'm female, and located in ..., Canada.

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:33:20 PM) : Have you worked or handle any among this position before? Accounting/Data Entry /Administrative Assistant

...(11/18/11 12:34:53 PM) : No, my employment background has primarily been in event organizing and in customer service.

...(11/18/11 12:36:24 PM) : In working with non-profits (both as a volunteer and as an employee), I have gained some experience in the administrative realm as well, but it has never been the primary focus of a job I've held.

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:36:47 PM) : Are you aware that this job is online job work from home?

...(11/18/11 12:37:19 PM) : Yes, I do understand that.

...(11/18/11 12:37:36 PM) : The hours are 8am-3pm, is that correct?

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:39:42 PM) : Yes it is

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:39:44 PM) : Are you currently employed?

...(11/18/11 12:40:09 PM) : No, I am not.

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:41:32 PM) : Will you be able to devote 8 hours of your time to this company daily? 

...(11/18/11 12:41:37 PM) : Yes, absolutely.

...(11/18/11 12:42:44 PM) : I definitely value prioritizing full-time work and am prioritizing it in my job search.

...(11/18/11 12:43:33 PM) : Would it be a problem for me, as a Canadian citizen, to be employed full-time by an American company (with regard to taxes, benefits, etc)? Or do you have a Canadian location as well?

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:45:42 PM) : Do you have a Printer, Fax Machine,Scanner and a Photocopier?

...(11/18/11 12:46:10 PM) : Not presently, but it wouldn't be a problem for me to acquire those things.

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:46:43 PM) : Ok

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:46:49 PM) : The Company would be providing you with a branded working equipment such as:  A phone, Hp Laptop, Printer, Fax Machine, Scanner and a Photocopier which you are going to be working with if you are hired.

...(11/18/11 12:47:23 PM) : Great, that sounds excellent.

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:48:06 PM) : All you need to do is to make  purchase of the software which you are going to use to work for Roche,From the Company's Vendor who is at CA, Such as : MYOB bussiness essentials software 2011,Peach Tree Software ( US Patent Single Users Pack ),simply accounting 2010. Microsoft Office Accounting and X window time tracker.Note : You are going to be reimbursed.

...(11/18/11 12:48:59 PM) : I see. I can certainly do that.

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:50:37 PM) : The cost of the software is $312.12 along with the shipping cost,the vendor will also make that known to you if you are been hired from the company.

...(11/18/11 12:51:16 PM) : It shouldn't be a problem for me to purchase that software after being hired.

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:52:18 PM) : Good

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:52:26 PM) : Have you ever worked from home?

...(11/18/11 12:53:06 PM) : Yes, much of the event organizing I have done has been predominantly done from home.

...(11/18/11 12:55:10 PM) : These projects demonstrate my ability to both design and execute work without needing constant supervision.

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:57:33 PM) : Ok

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:57:45 PM) : Do you know your clerical speed?

...(11/18/11 12:58:13 PM) : I have never been tested for that.

...(11/18/11 12:58:27 PM) : Is that a typing and accuracy test?

rochedesk01(11/18/11 12:59:20 PM) : Yes

...(11/18/11 12:59:51 PM) : I type at about 88 words per minute, with 98% accuracy.

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:00:14 PM) : Do you know how to make use of  microsoft word?

...(11/18/11  1:00:26 PM) : Yes, I am experienced with all of Microsoft Office.

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:00:36 PM) : ok

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:00:38 PM) : How would you like to be paid? Weekly or Bi-Weekly.

...(11/18/11  1:00:53 PM) : Either one of those would be fine.

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:00:56 PM) : What means of Payment do you prefer ? Check, Direct Deposit.

...(11/18/11  1:01:07 PM) : I would prefer to be paid by direct deposit.

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:01:12 PM) : Ok, and what bank do you operate with?

...(11/18/11  1:01:19 PM) : ....

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:01:27 PM) : I need you to Hold on online while i forward your interview answers to the HR board for proper review and consideration.Okay ? 

...(11/18/11  1:01:34 PM) : Great, thank you.

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:01:42 PM) : I WISH YOU GOOD LUCK!!!

...(11/18/11  1:02:14 PM) : Thank you very much.

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:18:29 PM) : Due to your level of experience in the Accounting/Data Entry feild,The  company has decided to keep you as one of our staff,And that is why you  are been asked to get on for the job briefing and interview

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:18:41 PM) : Congratulations!!!

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:24:36 PM) : Your Primary duties include: Preparation of Balance sheets (Mini), account balancing, invoicing recording,proper data analysis of sales records and recording pay slips into accounting database all these will be done through the use of the Accounting Software..... Your secondary daily duties would be to report to your Supervisor, who would be attached to you online, He/She would assign logs of duty daily and you would be required to work according to instructions, using the Microsoft Office tools and the Accounting software. Now the function of the Accounting software is to arrange, formalize and manage the data you have processed, sent to your supervisor via E-mail.

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:24:49 PM) : Can you handle all of these duties effectively?

...(11/18/11  1:26:34 PM) : Yes, absolutely.

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:27:05 PM) : Good

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:27:14 PM) : In the mean time, I need you to provide me with the following info so my secretary can put you to register....Full name: Home address:State:City:Zip Code:Cell and home number.

...(11/18/11  1:27:27 PM) : ...

...(11/18/11  1:27:39 PM) : ...

...(11/18/11  1:28:09 PM) : ...

...(11/18/11  1:28:17 PM) : ...

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:30:01 PM) : Can i have your email address so that i can send your letter of employment to you, you are to sign it and return it back to me via email.

...(11/18/11  1:30:24 PM) : Certainly. ...

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:31:03 PM) : Your letter of employment has been sent.

...(11/18/11  1:35:46 PM) : I haven't received it. Could you send it again?

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:37:30 PM) : Please can you check your spam?

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:37:41 PM) : it could go through the spam.

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:37:58 PM) : Do that right now

...(11/18/11  1:39:34 PM) : Yes, I do see that here, thank you.

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:39:40 PM) : I need you to email the vendor right now,he will instruct you on how to go about making the payment to him for your equipment to be shipped to you Via FedEx overnight delivery and wait for his reply ok.

...(11/18/11  1:39:51 PM) : Would it be possible for you to send something from an email address?

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:40:12 PM) : No, for now.

...(11/18/11  1:40:42 PM) : Why not?

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:40:44 PM) : We are having a network problem with it for the past 2 weeks now

...(11/18/11  1:41:27 PM) : Sorry, this seems like a scam.

...(11/18/11  1:41:49 PM) : I'm going to email the real ... and let her know that you're running a scam under her name.

rochedesk01(11/18/11  1:41:50 PM) : Ok.. if that is what you thought, then have a great day

...(11/18/11  1:41:58 PM) : This is a clear cut case of identity theft.




If you received a message similiar to the one above, delete it and forget it. It is NOT a real job

SOHOjobs takes the integrity of our job listings and our members account very seriously. Spammers and scammers are NOT tolerated. Ever.  Only 100% real, verified and fresh work at home jobs  are accepted here.

Keep SOHO'ing (Safely!)

Michelle Peterson / TEAM SOHO

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Choosing a web designer for your small business project can be daunting. We should know! A few years ago we contracted DesignB Studios (out of Ashburn Virginia) to redesign the SOHOjobs Members website. We (over!)paid them more than $30,000 and what we got in return was a nightmare that included domain name squatting. To this day we still have multiple problems with the backend design work that these less-than-professional web designers provided to us. Clearly they were not as apt with the SocialEngine platform as they claimed. 

We are happy to report that we are working with a new design firm who are clearning up the mess that DesignB left behind. (If only you could join in our meetings to witness the snorts, laughs and eyerolls from our new design team as they attempt to decipher and repair the DesignB Studios code.)

Ironically, we are contacted for a DesignB Studios reference or testimonial fairly often by their potential clients. Apparently DesignB Studios still promotes their "work" with SOHOjobs including listing us on thier homepage. (Isn't that just a hoot!?) Well, I can promise you - we are NOT happy with their work and WOULD NOT hire them again, nor would we EVER refer them to anyone looking for web design or programming work. In fact, we wouldn't even hire them to take out the trash! We are happy to provide you with full details regarding our experience should you need them. Please send email to if we can help.

In the meantime, we are working with a new (and - thankfully - skilled and professional!) design firm who are helping us fix the DesignB Studios errors and sloppy code work. If you are a current or previous SOHOjobs member please let us know if there are any additions you would like to see. In the coming weeks you will begin to notice changes to your account including better profile and account management, improved employer and member communication and new features that will help you better utilize the SOHOjobs service. 


Thank you for standing by us as we attempt to overcome the biggest mistake we ever made - hiring DesignB Studios! 


My best

Michelle Peterson - TEAM SOHO

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The Set Up 

It seems like everywhere you turn there is an ad promising hundreds of dollars a week just for stuffing envelopes. Some even promise to pay $4 or $5 per envelope stuffed! They usually require a "registration fee" of $10 to $100 to get started. If you fall for this scam, you WILL be disappointed. Envelope stuffing programs are nothing more than scams. All of them. No exceptions!

The Scam 

The most prevalent envelope stuffing con game goes like this: You pay your "registration fee" usually around $30.00 - pure profit for the scam operator. The operator will then send you a copy of the ad you originally responded to, along with the wording to a classified ad, telling people about how much money they can make stuffing envelopes, and to send a self-addressed stamped envelope for information. When you receive someone's SASE, you send them a copy of the ad. There, you have stuffed your first envelope! There are variations of this scam on the Internet - but they all have one thing in common. They are all scams. Sign up for one and you"ll lose your money forever. 

Cold Hard Truth:

Joining an envelope stuffing program is a bad idea. Think about it, the idea of paying someone to stuff envelopes is ridiculous. Why pay someone even 50 cents to stuff an envelope when you can get an envelope stuffing machine for a few hundred dollars? Of course you know that the SOHO Jobs Weekly does not allow these scam-portunities, right? Well, guess how many of these envelope stuffing jobs are submitted to us�.. Go ahead, take a guess. Around 200 per month! Every last one has been turned down by the SOHO Jobs researchers.

Before you pay a fee:

Request Our Free Scammers List Via Email. This updated list contains current scams to avoid, common tricks and traps and resources to help you avoid being scammed. Better yet, our Scammers List contains the names of websites, companies and individuals who have been busted, shut-down or who have received numerous complaints! Have you been scammed? Report it here. 

Bona Fide Work At Home Job Leads 

Our jobs are the real deal. No scams. No junk. No fees. Just really terrific - work out of your house and love it - job opportunities that don’t charge fees. Skeptical? Request a free issue of our jobs newsletter and see for yourself. Or, gear up your resume and check out our free job posting area 

SOHOJobs Subscribers get access to weekly scam updates and reporting tools in our private forum. If you are a current subscriber, please LOGIN.

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The Set Up 

A dream job that many people visualize is strolling through stores and enjoying the displays, while earning a paycheck. Known as Mystery Shopping, these ads glamorize the idea of shopping for merchandise then filing reports on your experiences to earn $10 or even $20 per hour. 

The Scam 

Most ads for Mystery Shoppers are actually scams that hit you up for $29.95, or $19.95 or $49.95. For this fee, or "application charge," you will be supplied with a list of places and companies that may hire Mystery Shoppers. Usually, this list is simply a collection of department store addresses and contact information. Another scams requires that you actually buy merchandise from a particular web site. The employer promises to refund your purchases. However, the employer will always find a reason not to issue a refund. 

Another version of the scam claims to need Mystery Shopper (or Product Reviewers) to provide opinions on a website, retail store, restaurant, etc. While there are some real earnings opportunities in this area, the scammers will not only require you to purchase a product, dinner or other item, but they will not offer to reimburse you. The earnings that you get from providing the review or opinion of the service will hardly cover your expense. 

Cold Hard Truth 

Real Mystery Shopping is nowhere near as glamorous as it appears. Ordinarily, it is done by the Buyers or the Merchandise Managers, who have many years of experience, and who are very familiar with suppliers, prices, products, special promotions, and the like. Generally, this does not involve actually buying the merchandise. Other legitimate mystery shopping opportunities might need many shoppers for a one time or short time project. Remember, there should be no fee to apply or join, and if you are required to purchase merchandise or items in order to complete the shop, you should always be reimbursed for your expenses. For this reason, Mystery Shopping can never be a full time, permanent job. Earnings will be very limited and unreliable.

For these reasons, along with the fact that most mystery shopping opportunities require you to work from a store or restaurant means that it is not "really" a work at home and, therefore, not fit for inclusion in SOHOjobs. 



Mystery Shopping Made Simple: How to Earn Good Money by Shopping, Dining Out, and More!alt

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The Set Up

You see a work-at-home job listing like this: Data Entry/ Typist: We are now accepting applications for our at home data entry/ typists positions. Work is simple and can be done full or part time. Work involves simple typing and clerical work. $255.00 per week.

The Scam

As a Name list compiler you will be responsible for typing or writing names and addresses onto "special" data entry forms for which you will be paid approximately .50 per name/address you submit. Theoretically, these addresses will then be complied into a mailing list and sold to advertisers. There is typically a $10.00 to $50.00 "application" free to apply for these openings.

Cold Hard Truth

There are no reputable bulk mail companies that hire "Name Compilers" or typists. Why? Well, thanks to technology and the Internet, names and addresses are handled electronically with SQL and database queries, therefore eliminating the need for a typist. Your fee of $10 to $50 will only supply you with instructions on how to spam others with the same ad that you saw. Steer clear of ads that require a fee to become a Typist/Name Compiler. These are not legitimate job opportunities and exist only for the sole purpose of taking your money.

Before you pay a fee

Request Our Free Scammers List Via Email. This updated list contains current scams to avoid, common tricks and traps and resources to help you avoid being scammed. Better yet, our Scammers List contains the names of websites, companies and individuals who have been busted, shut-down or who have received numerous complaints! Have you been scammed? Report it here.

Bona Fide Work At Home Job Leads

Our jobs are the real deal. No scams. No junk. No fees. Just really terrific - work out of your house and love it - job opportunities that don’t charge fees. Skeptical? Request a free issue of our jobs newsletter and see for yourself. Or, gear up your resume and check out our free job posting area

SOHOJobs Subscribers get access to weekly scam updates and reporting tools in our private forum. If you are a current subscriber, please LOGIN.  


Work At Home