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I recently received some really nice emails and inbox messages from members thanking me for helping them find work from home. You guys are the best!

But it got me to thinking... what else can we do here at SOHOjobs to help you? I mean, if you had to narrow it down to just one thing... what would you most like help with? I sent this question out to our active members today and, so far, the response has been an overwhelming...

"We want more data entry and clerical jobs!"

I can't say I blame you. Data entry, typing and clerical work at home jobs are usually associated with the biggest scams on the Internet. Unfortunately, many of you have been the victim of these scams before you arrived safely at the virtual doorsteps of

I started digging around to see what I could come up with for you. I called up a few of my reliable contacts, business owners and hiring managers. I sent some emails. I Skyped. I texted. One guy I even flagged down in the parking lot of the post office. The result has been a very nice collection of REAL work at home data entry and clerical jobs. And when I say REAL... I mean really REAL. No fees or investments or kits or whatever. 

I must say - I am pretty proud of myself because these gigs are not easy to come by. Most employers are usually tight-lipped about home based data entry jobs because they can't deal with the five million applicants they will receive if they post the job online. This is one of the benefits of SOHOjobs. Since jobs are only made available to our members, hiring employers are more likely to share. 

And... our members are awesome, by the way. That helps too.

So, if you are a current SOHOjobs member - please keep an eye on the site as I am just now beginning to get these new, most triumpant work at home data entry jobs posted for you. (And... only for you). 




Not a member? THEN JOIN US! We always save room for a few new friends! If you are interested in trying it out, I am currently offering a FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP upgrade to anyone who signs up for the 1 Month Plan ($19.95). 

Michelle Malone Peterson / TEAM SOHO


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