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Yes, I know - It is only Tuesday but it has already been a crazy week. Personally, I always consider it pretty exciting when an employer calls me up and wants to list legitimate data entry and clerical jobs just for our members! That is what happened yesterday, and I already know of at least three SOHO'ers who are already well on their way to a great work at home job!

Of course, I am not surprised. Employers are learning what I've already known for 15 years - SOHO'ers are the best. Hands down. Hiring managers know that we've been online since <gasp!> the 90's. When they are looking for a SOHO'er, they always come to us first.

So, while I am trying to get all these new listings approved in on their way to our members inboxes - I thought I would share a few other excellent work at home opportunities with you. If you get a chance, check out the jobs I've included below, and then login to access to the really good stuff in your "MY SOHO" folder.

Good luck!

Michelle Malone Peterson / SOHOjobs Mod


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