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Transcom - Relationships, Revenue, Results


Corporate Overview

Transcom is a global outsourced service provider entirely focused on customers, the service they experience and the revenue they generate. Our customer management and credit management services are designed to strengthen our clients’ customer relationships and secure their revenue streams. 

This is a SOHOjobs VERIFIED EMPLOYER offering excellent opportunities to work from home. 


Corporate Facts

  • Founded: 1995
  • Headquarters: Calle Berlin, 38 Floor 5 Barcelona, Barcelona 08029 Spain
  • Employees: 10,001
  • Customers: over 600,000 customer contacts in 33 languages for more than 350 clients
  • Locations: 72 contact center operations in 26 countries 
  • Revenue: â‚¬554.1m revenue (FY2011)


Work at Home Opportunities

Typical Positions We Hire for:

Customer Service
Are you comfortable with basic computer applications and navigating through several windows on your screen at the same time - all while carrying on a conversation with a customer? As a customer support agent you are dependable, cooperative and adaptable - and can maintain your composure in a fast-paced and sometimes difficult environment. If you pride yourself on providing exceptional customer service, enjoy helping others, and get satisfaction from a job well done, this is the job for you. 

Customer Service and Sales
Are you an enthusiastic, energetic, goal oriented person who enjoys helping customers? Does your creative and quick-thinking personality allow you to create new sales opportunities out of a basic customer service call? This inbound sales position allows you to use your customer service skills to solve everyday client issues, then take it to the next level by offering additional features and promotions. The challenge of meeting your daily and weekly sales goals makes this a fun and exciting career. 

Technical Support
Are you kind of person who is very comfortable with technical terminology, PC troubleshooting and home networks? Would you have exceptional listening skills with a customer describing a problem with their computer -- and you help them work through the issues? As a Cloud 10 technical support agent you answer inbound customer calls, gather data, and analyze symptoms to figure out solutions to common technical problems. With this job, every day you walk away with the satisfaction that you've helped customers resolve problems through your specialized help and expertise. 

New Product Launch
If you are the type of person that can think quickly on your feet, take any type of question that comes your direction, and love learning something new every day, we have the job for you! In this very special position you will support a client that is launching high-speed internet and voice services to new customers in rural areas all across the country. You will be helping customers (potentially in your own home town) learn about their new service, answer billing questions, resolve complaints, and even provide basic installation and technical troubleshooting. This is a fun and challenging job where you get to be on the front lines of getting a new telecommunications network up and running in your own neighborhood.

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Current Openings 






You will be required to complete a phone interview and online assessment before you can be hired. Besides general questions about your work history and education you will be asked scenerio questions pertaining to customer service such as "tell me about a time when you dealt with a difficult customer" or "how did you handle a difficult customer?"

Another aspect of the phone interview will involve completing simple Internet and computers tasks. For instance, you will be asked to visit a variety of websites (one might be the Transcom or Cloud10 website, so be prepared!) You will be given a list of tasks to complete such as finding the name of the CEO or the address of a local office. You will also be asked to complete a Google search (topics will vary) that generally involves finding the best resources and understanding the difference between a valuable website source and advertising or marketing messages. You may also be asked to type a document using your word processing skills that you will email to the interviewer. 

You must also submit your computer through a series of tests to make sure that your software is up to date and that you do not have viruses.



SOHO Tips and Advice

Transcom Affiliated Companies. You may see work at home jobs listed for a company called Cloud10. Cloud10 was recently bought out by Transcom and is now part of the Transcom portfolio.  

Working Hours. Most agents work 5 days per week, between 32 to 38 hours each week. Agents work the same set schedule each week. Schedules can vary depending on hours of operation and client requirements, and may include nights, weekends or holidays. 

Training. There is a paid training program which provides home based agents with the knowledge and skills necessary to be a valued member of the Transcom team. 

Salary and Payment. You will be hired as an employee, not an independent contractor. Payrolls are deposited via direct deposit every other Friday, and all appropriate taxes are taken care of. Agents are paid by the hour based on when they sign into our systems and become available to take calls. Pay is not based on the actual number of calls received or talk time. 

Requirements. Applicants should have high school diploma and excellent speaking and listening skills. Prior experience in customer service is required, and it is a plus if it is telephone customer service or sales experience. Criminal background check is required. You must meet these home office technical requirements to be hired.

Application Process. If you are a good match, the company will contact you and you will be asked to pass a variety of assessments to ensure you are right for the job and then interview with a recruiter. Typical application process consists of several steps:  

  1. Provide basic contact information and verify that we hire in the state in which you live
  2. Verify that your computer and internet connection meet our technical requirements
  3. Pass a variety of assessments to ensure you are right for the job
  4. Interview with one of our recruiters
  5. Verify we have a open schedule that fits your needs



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