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Corporate Overview

Lionbridge is the leading provider of translation, development and testing solutions that enable clients to create, release, manage and maintain their technology applications and Web content globally.

This is a SOHOjobs VERIFIED EMPLOYER offering excellent opportunities to work from home. 


Corporate Facts


Work at Home Opportunities

Internet Assessors, Content Assessors and Internet Crowd Sourcers, $14.50 per hour, part time. 

You will have the flexibility and freedom to work from your own home, working your own hours, depending on availability of tasks (10-20 hours per week). Interested candidates must first successfully complete an exam before being accepted into the Rating Program.

Internet Assessors Program (Various Countries)
This role involves evaluating results of a web search, for appropriateness to search query input.

Web Content Assessor (English language) 
Help change and improve Internet search results for some of the most popular search engines by rating keyword and search-term combinations, based on a defined guidelines and scales.

Internet Crowd Workers
Contribute towards making internet search and online products more exciting, relevant and interesting for all end users in your market.

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Testing Requirement

You must pass a two part test to work from home for Lionbridge. You will receive all testing materials via email. You must agree to the Lionbridge terms of service which are standard and reasonable. In order to keep the integrity of the recruiting process, you must sign a nondisclosure agreeement which prevents you from sharing information about the test with other job seekers. 

A pretest and then extensive full exam is require before you can be hired.

Part 1 - Theoretical

Part 2 - Practical

Part 1 is an open book style test with 32 multiple choice questions. You must pass this pretest before moving on. There is a math portion that some job seekers find challenging. SOHO'ers have reported that it took them as long as two hours to complete this portion of the exam.

Part 2 is very similar to the actual work you will perform on the job using the EWOQ rating console. There are 144 tasks that involve queries and results that must be rated. 

Most SOHO'ers agree the the exams are "moderate" to "difficult" - certainly no easy.



The skill set for this job is not high-tech, candidates need to be familiar with browsing the internet, be able to read and write fluent English, and have high-speed access to internet. Candidates are accepted worldwide. You must have:

  • Fluency in written and verbal English
  • Preferred level of education/certification - Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent)
  • Access to and use of a broadband internet connection and associated computer and software to perform the work, all provided at your own expense
  • Experience in use of web browsers to navigate and interact with a variety of content
  • Time Management Skills
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office applications
  • For cultural and historical awareness purposes you must be resident in the country for the last 5 consecutive years



SOHO Tips and Advice

Lionbridge is only interested in SERIOUS employees. Therefore, it might be a good idea to avoid telling the interviewer that you need to work from home because you have children. Some SOHO'ers have reported that they were turned down for this reason after being told that the Lionbridge interviewer didn't think they could focus on their job since their children were a priority. 

Much of the Practical portion of the exam does not necessary have one right or wrong answer. Lionbridge is instead looking for your reasoning skills and your ability to decipher the results of Internet search returns. SOHO'ers who are hired tend to be those who are familiar with the Internet and search engines and have a good understanding of the way that users locate information online. 

If you pass both parts of the test you may experience a delay before you can actually begin to work. Do not worry. This is normal as Lionbridge has hundreds of new hires and tasks to assign. Be patient. Do not pesture the hiring manager with phone calls or emails as this may cost you the opportunity to work for them. 

Lionbridge will probably ask for your bank account information and other personal information after they offer you employment. This is standard and nothing to be concerned about. Most Lionbridge employees are paid via direct deposit so your account information will be needed so they can deposit your earnings. You will also be required to complete a W-9 and timesheet.



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