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Choosing a web designer for your small business project can be daunting. We should know! A few years ago we contracted DesignB Studios (out of Ashburn Virginia) to redesign the SOHOjobs Members website. We (over!)paid them more than $30,000 and what we got in return was a nightmare that included domain name squatting. To this day we still have multiple problems with the backend design work that these less-than-professional web designers provided to us. Clearly they were not as apt with the SocialEngine platform as they claimed. 

We are happy to report that we are working with a new design firm who are clearning up the mess that DesignB left behind. (If only you could join in our meetings to witness the snorts, laughs and eyerolls from our new design team as they attempt to decipher and repair the DesignB Studios code.)

Ironically, we are contacted for a DesignB Studios reference or testimonial fairly often by their potential clients. Apparently DesignB Studios still promotes their "work" with SOHOjobs including listing us on thier homepage. (Isn't that just a hoot!?) Well, I can promise you - we are NOT happy with their work and WOULD NOT hire them again, nor would we EVER refer them to anyone looking for web design or programming work. In fact, we wouldn't even hire them to take out the trash! We are happy to provide you with full details regarding our experience should you need them. Please send email to if we can help.

In the meantime, we are working with a new (and - thankfully - skilled and professional!) design firm who are helping us fix the DesignB Studios errors and sloppy code work. If you are a current or previous SOHOjobs member please let us know if there are any additions you would like to see. In the coming weeks you will begin to notice changes to your account including better profile and account management, improved employer and member communication and new features that will help you better utilize the SOHOjobs service. 


Thank you for standing by us as we attempt to overcome the biggest mistake we ever made - hiring DesignB Studios! 


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