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Social media such as Facebook and LInkedIn are making it easier to locate and land work at home jobs and connect to virtual hiring managers. However, according to our recent members survey, many SOHO'ers are still using obsolete methods such as MS Word paper resumes that have a very low success rate.  Out of 1,500 home based employers, nearly 60 percent of these hiring managers use social media to locate job candidates, research potential hires and compare the competition. Another 35 percent delete or disregard paper or email attached resumes completely. So, if you have not already - it is time to pay attention to social networking and your online presence. 

"Of all job candidates, those seeking virtual work from home should be the MOST well connected online, not the least," said Todd Rebic, professional recruiter and hiring manager for the temp industry. "Nothing will turn off a hiring employer quicker than a candidate who focuses on her typing speed instead of her website, blog and porftolio." 


Soft Skills verses Hard Skills

Our research confirms this statement. Work at home job seekers who have a strong online presence on job networks such as SOHOjobs and other social networks, and active online resumes or websites are much more likely to be hired than candidates who are just uses a paper or emailed resume. Additionally, job seekers who focus on "soft" skills (communication & connectivity, virtual teamwork abilities, organizational skills, etc) are more likely to be interviewed for a home based job than candidates who focus on "hard" skills such as their typing speed. 

It is not difficult to get yourself connected. The easiest thing to do is make sure that you have professional profiles are all the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc). If you already have a personal account, you might consider a seperate account just for your professional life. You should also use your SOHOjobs profile to its fullest extent. Be sure that it includes your current resume, a photo and a full bio. 

To make sure that employers can find you online, post a copy of your bio and resume on all of the top job sites. We suggest you stick to free services including Monsteralt, Beyondalt and VOT (for virtual assistant jobs). 


Get A Website

Perhaps the most important thing you can do it set up a personal website that links to all of your online profiles and social network accounts, your resume, your references and anything else you feel will get you noticed. Some of our most successful SOHO'ers also use QR Codes, YouTube Channels and personal blogs to get themselves noticed. It works! Job seekers who are well connected online are usually hired first, are employed longer, earn more, and are contacted directly by SOHOjobs hiring employers. 

It is easy to set up a website and is often times very low cost or completely free. For this reason, there really is no excuse for a professional home based job seeker to go without. Weebly - The Easiest Way To Create A Website offers a free service that allows you to set up a website with blog. Since the service is free you will be required to show their ads and links to their service. If you would prefer a more professional option, iPagealt is one of the most affordable. They offer a quick and easy to use site builder, free domain name and much more for just a few dollars per month. And they will not require you to run their ads or links. 


Jobs In Social Media

Not only is social media helpful in getting you hired to work from home, it can also be a great place to get a work at home job! Thousands of companies are hiring people to make posts to Facebook and Twitter, maintain and monitor social accounts and interact with brand customers on social networks.

Learn More About Home Based Social Media Jobs Here



The Social Network for Work At Home Job Seekers

Remember, your SOHOjobs members account provides you with the opportunity to create a profile and bio, post your resume, update your status and have a blog. Plus you can connect with other job seekers and employers (and me! Don't forget to send me a friend request!). In the coming months, SOHOjobs will be rolling out a variety of new services for our members including more customizable profile pages and job tools that will help you land a job. 



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Michelle Malone Peterson is a graduate of New York University and is recognized as a leader in the home based job industry. She is a seasoned Career counselor, Writer, marketing specialist and SENIOR EDITOR EXTRAORDINAIRE of - she has enjoyed nearly 20 years of helping others land real work at home jobs. 

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