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 SOHO'er Barbara Lesch recently asked me about work at home offers that involve taking online surveys and researching and why does not post more of these opportunities. 

Simply put, most of these offers are not what I would consider a work at home "job". Instead, think of them more as incentive programs that allow you to earn points for merchandise or services, provide you with the chance to win and, in a few cases, help you to earn a little extra cash.  This is not to say that I am AGAINST these offers. I just do not think they should be considered a job.

With that said, there are some programs out there that might be worth a look. 

NPD Online Research has been around for about 40 years and people really do win cash and merchandise from completely surveys. Full disclosure... even I myself won $100 cash and airline miles from them years ago. The surveys are quick and easy and they will not sell you out to the spammers. Click here to visit NPD Online Research to learn more

IpSOS is another rewards program that I consider to be legitmate. Again, while this should not be considered a work at home job, it is possible to win decent cash and rewards from the progam, plus you will accumulate points which can be redeemed for products. (I have accumulated gift cards, a spa treatment, a paypal cash over the years). For more information, visit the Ipsos Survey Panel website

Panda Research is more of a cash payout program than a rewards based system. They actually pay $5.00 to $75.00 per survey. These surveys are more detailed and will require more of your time, but the cash earnings are real. The downside is that surveys are few and far between. The best thing to do is sign up for an account (it's free) so that you can start being notified of new surveys as they come available. Visit Panda Research to sign up.

Swagbucks is best if you are interested in earning Paypal, Amazon, and Department Store gift cards. I know people who have paid for all of their Christmas shopping thanks to the program. Besides taking surveys, you can also earn points and gift cards for playing and evaluating online games, sampling products, watching videos, and searching the web. I have used the program to purchase items from Amazon but it does take some time to accumulate the points. Visit Swagbucks for more information.

Permission Research is one of the Internet's largest research firms. This program works a bit differnetly than the others in that you are required to download and install free software that monitors your Web usage. This data is then used to create research reports for major news outlets such as Fox and MSNBC, amoung others. As the program runs on your computer you accumulate points which are redeemable for cash, gift cards, electronics and more. Join PermissionResearch Here

Survey4Profit is operated Vindale Research and pays real cash, not just points or prizes. You'll earn up to $5 for each survey and up to $75 for evaluations. You can also earn cash for watching videos, reading emails, and referring others. The program is free to join. You will answer some questions during the sign up process so you can be matched up with appropriate surveys and other cash earning opportunities. Learn More Here.

While there are other programs out there, these - in my opinion - are the most dependable, legitimate and offer the best payouts or rewards. I suggest that you stay away from any survey or similiar offer that asks you to pay a fee or forward a money order. Beware of sensational claims too. If the program claims that their members earn "Thousands of dollars" each week don't believe it. The best programs are those that have a list of real users (usually via a "Winners" page) and offer realistic testimonials about earnings. 


If you have found success with one of these or another program, let me know!


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