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If you think you have a pretty sweet deal because you're allowed to work from home one or two days a week, consider the arrangement SOHOjobs subscriber Natalie Swanson managed to make with her employer.

She worked for 13 months telecommuting from Spain— yeah that's right, the site of glorious architecture, canals and delicious pasta.

Swanson says her was a work at home arrangement that many SOHOers can emulate.

She argues that if you can telecommute five or 25 miles from your office, why can't you telecommute from another part of the world? "When I returned to the U.S., I had a renewed sense of vitality toward my job and my life," he says. "When you experience life outside the U.S., you get to look at life from a different lens. You then realize that you can look at everything differently. I even came back and looked at problems at work differently."

So at a time when many Americans feel overworked and stressed, could telecommuting from Spain — or another desired location — be possible?

First you have to do a little planning. Swanson's advice:

Start slowly. Swanson has been working for a communications company she found on part time where she is still employed for over 3 years. She began working from home one day a week, found a way to send large files then eventually increased that to full time. This tactic helped convince her bosses that a full-time telecommuting arrangement wouldn't hurt her work.

Natalie's advice: Don't discount the part time positions found on “Of course I wanted a full time position but I wanted to work at home immediately”. She told her employer her intentions immediately, “He couldn't promise a full time position but was open to the idea” she said.

There have been many part time telecommuting jobs that subscribers have not applied for simply because they are “part time”. Natalie is a prime example of working your way into a full time gig.

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