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by SOHOjobs Editor, Michelle Malone Peterson


Your days are numbered, kids!


Say goodbye to the swimming pool, the beach, summer camp and staying up late. Back to school time is just around the corner - or maybe has already begun for some of you. For kids, this is devastating news but for parents it might be a sigh of relief. Even more so for work - at - home'ers who have had to balance their home based jobs with their home-from-school kids.

As I prepare to send my own little ones back to school, I find it bittersweet. I will miss them. But I look forward to the quiet days too. (Incidentally, you might notice that I publish more blogs after September - mostly because nobody will be asking me to make them peanutbutter and jelly or take them Disney World.)

There is an added benefit to back-to-school time that you might not have thought of: work at home job opportunities in the education field. Just think of all the businesses and services that gear up for this busy time - tutoring services, retail, school and universities, etc. Opportunities are everywhere, and the timing is perfect for moms and dads who now have the time to commit to a new venture.

Here are my top picks Back To School Work At Home Jobs


Pearson is the global leader in the educational technology field contributing to the educational development of teachers and learning systems. Pearson provides print and electronic materials and services, student management systems, career certification program and assessment products. 

See Jobs: Project Coordinators and Others



ETS develops, administres and scores educational tests such as the SAT and GRE among others. Other services include educational research, analysis and research studies, teacher certification programs and English language learning iniatives. 

See Jobs: Scoring Opportunities is an online tutoring service for students and business professionals. They hire live, online tutors to work with a variety of customers. Services offered include homework help, peer coaching, professional development, career training, school tutoring and much more. 

See Jobs: Online Tutors




CyberEdit, based in Lincoln Nebraska, has a team of more than 200 editors, technical writers and resume writers who can provide quality editing and writing services to college students, businesses and others. 

See Jobs: Essay Editors


For more professional level work at home jobs in the educational field visit the Higher Learning website. This is a great place to find work at home opportunities for Online Professors and Teachers, Adjunct Faculty, Online Instructors, etc



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Michelle Malone Peterson is a graduate of New York University and is recognized as a leader in the home based job industry. She is a seasoned Career counselor, Writer, marketing specialist and SENIOR EDITOR EXTRAORDINAIRE of - she has enjoyed nearly 20 years of helping others land real work at home jobs. 

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