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Reading some SOHOjobs members' walls today I noticed that one of my fellow SOHOers, mentioned about working on Labor Day. Obviously I'll be working a little bit this Labor Day but I am sure that we at SOHOjobs won't be the only home-based professionals spending at least some of the day working. I personally do not mind working on Labor Day because yesterday my father and brother broke in a new smoker and I overdosed on smoked ribs and pork roast. I NEED today to recover.

The main reason reason that I will be working on Monday is that I have two week worth of projects overdue. Answering emails today from hundreds of people looking to work at home, I am once again reminded how fortunate I am to have a home-based job. All day, I review jobs, answer emails and deal with customers. Sometimes late at night, with all the family asleep, I curse under my breath wishing for something different. However, today is labor day and thoughts across the country not only involve barbeque sauce but their jobs. I say thank you to the whole community and feel a sense of optimism for my SOHO members.

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