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Working at home has its benefits but also requires a flexible mindset. As Hurricane Irene roared up the East Coast, my first thought after my family's safety was how I was going to work without power or internet. Those of us with home office jobs can get sidetracked by a hurricane. The constant updates in the background are more than a mild distraction. My solution: Run to the mountains. Hopefully hurricane Katia will be different, my car's transmission is still crying.

Even when you work at home all the time and are used to distractions, natural disasters can keep you from working. Traditional workers can take a few days off and hunker down at home then wait till the office is safe to return to. Home based workers don't have that luxury, all we can do is wait and see what happens, and ponder more than a few questions about what the coming event will bring.

My proven solution is to run away! Live in Florida? Go to Disney. Mid Alantic? Run to the mountains! Most people do not realize that many traditional tourist areas offer discounts for those in the path of a storm. Disney World discounts its rooms for Florida residents. Most Appalachian resorts will give those fleeing a storm a discount as well. Give me a 49$ Disney hotel room with internet any day.

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