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The Set Up

You see a work-at-home job listing like this: Data Entry/ Typist: We are now accepting applications for our at home data entry/ typists positions. Work is simple and can be done full or part time. Work involves simple typing and clerical work. $255.00 per week.

The Scam

As a Name list compiler you will be responsible for typing or writing names and addresses onto "special" data entry forms for which you will be paid approximately .50 per name/address you submit. Theoretically, these addresses will then be complied into a mailing list and sold to advertisers. There is typically a $10.00 to $50.00 "application" free to apply for these openings.

Cold Hard Truth

There are no reputable bulk mail companies that hire "Name Compilers" or typists. Why? Well, thanks to technology and the Internet, names and addresses are handled electronically with SQL and database queries, therefore eliminating the need for a typist. Your fee of $10 to $50 will only supply you with instructions on how to spam others with the same ad that you saw. Steer clear of ads that require a fee to become a Typist/Name Compiler. These are not legitimate job opportunities and exist only for the sole purpose of taking your money.

Before you pay a fee

Request Our Free Scammers List Via Email. This updated list contains current scams to avoid, common tricks and traps and resources to help you avoid being scammed. Better yet, our Scammers List contains the names of websites, companies and individuals who have been busted, shut-down or who have received numerous complaints! Have you been scammed? Report it here.

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